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Lancôme Mascara Hypnose Drama Trio 3 items
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Lancôme Idôle 75ml
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The entire Lancôme range at the best prices on in 2023

Lancôme is a French luxury cosmetics and perfume brand. The history of the Lancôme brand from its first days is associated with numerous extraordinary approaches and vivid events. The company produces perfumes, skin care cosmetics, make-up products and accessories. The brand's calling cards are the La Vie Est Belle and Tresor fragrances, the Juicy Tubes line of lip glosses, the Genifique line of youth activators and the Bi-Facil line of makeup removers. Bestsellers Hypnose Mascara and Definicils Mascara have been the most popular in the world for decades. Reviews about Lancôme can be obtained from world-class stars - Juliette Binoche, Uma Thurman, Drew Barrymore, Mena Suvari, Laura Morante, Kate Winslet, Anne Hathaway, Julia Roberts, Penelope Cruz, Emma Watson, Lily Collins, Zendaya and others - who have collaborated with the brand.

History of the Lancôme brand: from 1935 to the present day

Lancôme was founded in 1935 in Paris by the French entrepreneur Armand Petitjean, who at that time was already 50 years old. Before creating the brand, Armand Petitjean was engaged in winemaking in France, had a trade business in Chile, and even managed to prove himself as a talented diplomat during the First World War. For that contribution, he was offered high political positions. But he was not interested in politics. Armand Petitjean returned to France and began an internship at Coty, the founder of which - Francois Coty - is considered the "father" of French perfumery.

The dreamy innovator Armand Petitjean sought to create a brand in the “French style”, which would be the epitome of beauty and elegance. He wanted to give the world new fragrances - the best ever, so from the very beginning he worked on the idea of ​​​​creating a luxury perfume brand. Arman dealt with organizational issues and also actively participated in the production processes. He did not like that American brands were taking over the beauty industry. To create a worthy competition for them, Armand Petitjean sought to release fragrances that would correspond to the French spirit.

The debut of Lancôme took place in 1935. Five fragrances were presented at the International Exhibition in Brussels: Tendre Nuit‎, Conquete, Kypre, Tropiques and ‎‎Bocages‎. These were wonderful perfumes in chic bottles with gilding, floral images and moldings. Petitjean offered fragrances for every taste - for women from all five continents. He managed to combine the interweaving of many cultures in each bottle of perfume. It was a complete contradiction to the fashion for minimalism and ascetic-geometric trends of that time. Such a skillful combination of form and content has paid off - all five fragrances have won double medals at the exhibition.

The strategy of “going against the rules of the time” was successful because transformations began to take place in Europe in the 30s and were appeared people valued art above all else. Buyers were willing to pay a lot of money for goods that they considered valuable and special.

Lancôme perfumes were not the only product category in the brand's arsenal for a long time. A year later, the Nutrix universal regenerating face cream was launched in the luxury segment of the cosmetics market. The product contained nourishing oils, amino acids and vitamins. This rose-scented face cream became very popular.

A few years later, Lancôme released new make-up products - Rose de France pale pink lipsticks. They challenged the fashion of that time for rich scarlet shades of lips and were successful among women.

In the 50s, several new fragrances, a line of skincare cosmetics and make-up products were launched. The new products of Lancôme, as usual, quickly gained popularity.

In 1955, Lancôme products were available in 98 countries through 33 general agents, nine of which were direct subsidiaries.

Another feature of Armand Petitjean's strategy was the lack of focus on advertising. He believed that consumers of Lancôme products could become the best face of the brand. Thus, to implement this strategy the Ecole Lancôme school was opened. At that school, women were taught the basics of cosmetology, the art of make-up and trading methods. This approach can be called a prototype of direct sales.

In 1964, the company was going through difficult times. Armand Petitjean was already over 80, and his children and grandchildren did not have the same business acumen. Outdated management almost led to the bankruptcy of the brand. The Petitjean family was forced to sell the company's assets to their direct competitor - the L'Oréal Group. Thus, Lancôme became part of L'Oreal's Luxury Products.

Such dramatic changes breathed new life into the brand. In 1965, Lancôme launched a premium skincare product - Crème Absolue.

In 1992, Lancôme introduced the legendary Rénergie. At that time, plastic surgery just began to be in great demand as a tool for youth returning. Thanks to innovative research, the products of this line returned youth to women without drastic measures.

The famous Advanced Génifique serum, which took 14 years of research to develop, has brought Lancôme more than 150 international awards.

In 2015, Lancome's gross sales exceeded €10 billion.

The women's fragrance Idole won three awards - Best Women's Bottle Design, Best Women's Edition in the Professional Awards category, and Best Women's Edition in the Consumer's Choice Awards category. Perfume La Vie Est Belle En Rose won the Consumer Choice Award for Best Women's Fragrance in the Existing Range.

Hydra Zen Anti-Stress Glow Liquid Moisturizer won the Elle International Beauty Awards 2021 in the Face care cosmetics category.

Today, Lancôme annually releases new fragrances, creates innovative cosmetics and care products. The brand is supported by well-known makeup artists, models and actresses. Modern designers sew dresses specifically for its fragrances. The brand's products can be bought in more than 160 countries around the world, and the company employs about 20,000 employees.

Corporate identity and brand logo

Lancôme is the only luxury perfume brand that does not have the creator's name in its name. Since childhood, Armand Petitjean has been inspired by the small castle of Lancosme and the picturesque forest around it, which all summer was immersed in the scent of roses. But the sound of the castle`s name seemed to him not feminine enough. The perfumer wanted the brand's name to sound exactly in French and be in tune with Vendôme, one of the five "royal squares" of Paris.

Elisabeth d'Ornano, the wife of Arman's colleague, helped come up with the name "Lancôme". The symbol of the brand is the golden rose flower - the personification of Petitjean's fragrant childhood memories of the Lancosme castle and its surroundings.

Lancôme is one of the few brands that has chosen a style once and has been stuck with it till our days. The company developed the logo at the very beginning of its history and practically did not change it until today. All Lancôme products are adorned with a graceful and sophisticated rose, which is most often placed above the brand logo.

The logo on the bottles of creams and perfumes, as a rule, is designed in gold tones, but the official color palette of the brand is monochrome. Black letters on a white background represent the stability, reliability and elegance of the company, indicating its values ​​and professional qualities. Additional packaging elements are usually designed in combinations of gold and black or gold and white tones.

In addition to the golden rose, each product line has its own graphic designation. Rose is used in perfumery, lotus - in skin care products, and angel - in makeup products.

The three main missions of Lancôme

Lancôme helps women achieve beauty, femininity and French elegance. And to develop the community and protect the environment, the company has developed a program that is based on three key points:

“Bring the world to bloom” - 99% of the raw materials being used by the brand to produce cosmetics are organic.

"Living Responsibly" - every year the brand strives to increase the production of products that can be recycled.

“Write Her Future” - In 2017, the company partnered with 16 independent organizations to launch the Write Her Future project. It aims to address gender disparities by giving women access to education through literacy programs, scholarships and mentoring.

Lancôme marketing strategy

Since the launch of the first products, Lancôme has been a high-quality brand with an impressive customer base.

Lancôme strategies:

Premium category. The brand produces products for the elite segment, so the prices correspond to the possibilities of premium buyers.

Product quality. The company produces high-quality products and does not use harmful chemicals.

Expansion of the consumer segment. The company began to attract the middle segment of the perfumery and cosmetics market.

Effective promotion. Commercials are shot by the best directors and cameramen.

Expansion of representation. From the first day, Armand Petitjean aspired to world domination. Lancôme's efforts are focused on ensuring that the brand is present in most countries and that products are available not only in exclusive boutiques.

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